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Is Your Recipe Safe?
(NC)—Sure, it tastes great and earns rave reviews from everyone sitting at the dinner table. But is your favourite recipe also a safe one? To prevent serving up foodborne illness at the dinner table, follow this helpful checklist when preparing...
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Keep Cool In The Summer

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(NC)—A long, hot summer is the right time to sample the growing number of coolers now available. They come in just about every flavour imaginable from the traditional lemonade to the exotic passion fruit. But, just as new favourites are introduced each year, some old favourites become difficult to find. A perfect example is Jack Daniel's Country Cocktails. No longer in general distribution in Canada, many consumers are having trouble finding their Jack Daniel's favourites. Fear not, hope is on its way! Corey Ball, Group Brand Manager for Jack Daniel's in Canada, has the answer: you can mix your own. "After numerous requests," says Ball, "we developed these recipes to give consumers the great taste they enjoy with Jack Daniel's Country Cocktails. Here are two favourites for you to try:"

Mr. Ball reminds us that these and other delicious recipes can be found by visiting the Jack Daniel's website at www.jackdaniels.com, where you'll find lots of good ideas to have a cooler summer this year.

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Blackberry Jack

1 Part Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey

2 Parts Blackberry Brandy

4 Parts 7-Up® or Sprite®

Downhome Punch

1 Part Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey

1 Part Peach Schnapps

1 Part Sour Mix

2 Parts Orange Juice

1 Part 7-Up® or Sprite®

Splash Grenadine

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