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Grilled Tandoori-Style Chicken with Cool Cucumber Raita
(NC)—Using a tandoori paste from a jar makes this spicy chicken dish fast and easy. Marinate the meat at the cottage in the morning, or combine the chicken and marinade and marinate overnight in the refrigerator before leaving for the cottage...
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grilling tips - get the most from your grill!

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Cooking fish tips for the best cooked fish in your neighborhood!

When grilling, use a wire basket to hold the fish. Fish can be a real pain on the grill grates, because it gets so brittle when done. Firmer fish, such as tuna, salmon, and shark can be cooking directly on the grill, but handle carefully.
Grill fish over medium heat. Fish cooks quicker than most meats, and can burn rapidly over high heat.
If you marinate fish and plan to use the marinade for basting, boil it for about 5 mins to cook out any bacteria that may have settled in it.
To grill shellfish, place them directly on the hottest part of the grill. They're done when the shell opens. If it doesn't open, throw them away!

Grilling Tips

Always cook more than you intend to eat-you'll thank yourself later! BBQ lends itself well to freezing and refrigerating, and already having cooked meats gives you a huge jumpstart on meal-planning for the upcoming week!
When using a dry rub, let the meat cook for about 1/3 of cooking time before basting with any other sauce. This allows the rub to absorb into the meat first.
If you want to use wood chips for extra wood flavoring, soak the wood in water for at least an hour, then wrap in heavy-duty aluminum foil
To prevent rusted grill grates, thoroughly scrape the grill down after cooking and, while the grate is still warm, rub some cooking oil on it using tongs and a small cloth. Close the lid to keep the grate from the elements!
Veggies taste wonderful on the grill!! Coat the veggies lightly in vegetable oil, sprinkle a little seasonings- such as rosemary- on them, and use a shaker basket or grilling wok over the fire, so the pieces don't fall out!
Add BBQ sauce to your meats during the last 1/3 of cooking time- BBQ sauce is made up of tomatoes and sugar, both of which burn quickly

Charcoal VS. Gas

Ah, the age old debate rages on....what's better, charcoal or gas grills? We'll the answer is "both". See how I cleared that up? Seriously, there are strong supporters on both sides of this debate, so we thought we'd throw some pointers out to you, and you can decide from there!
Charcoal grills generally will capture a more distinct "fire" or smokey flavor than gas will
Gas grills are much easier and faster to light and bring to proper cooking temp.
Gas grills cost substantially more than their charcoal counterparts
Charcoal grills are generally much more portable than a gas unit
Heck, I know a few people that own one of each! They cook with charcoal if they're tailgating and/or have some extra time, and use the gas grill when the want things a bit easier!
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