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Decorating A Child's Room
Decorating your child's room should be fun and exciting for all involved. The most important thing to remember when planning or decorating your child's room is to keep the decor age appropriate. You wouldn't want to decorate your 3 year old...
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Decorating Toolbox 101

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Where is that hammer ?

Save time and frustration by assembling your own decorating toolbox. Most do-it-yourself projects are hampered by the lack of tools (or knowing where to find the tools) to get the job done.

Storing Your Tools: A toolbox, caddy or a storage step stool can be used andwill allow you to organize your tools by making them available for easy to carrying.

The Right Tools for the Job:

Hanging Things:

  • Push Pins

  • Plastic Anchors

  • Picture Wire

  • Thumb Tacks

  • Sewing Machine Needles (to hang pictures without large wholes, holds approximately 30#)

  • Cup Hooks

Attaching Things:

  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

  • Can of Spray Adhesive

  • Staple Gun & Staples

  • Multi- Sized Rubber Bands

  • Plastic Twist Ties

  • Fusible Interfacings

  • Fabric Glue

  • Sewing Needles & Thread

  • Starch ( Easy on Easy off walls for fabric wallpapering or for appliqués)

Cutting Things:

  • Good Pair of Scissors for Fabric

  • Utility Scissors for everything else

  • Box Cutter

  • Woodworking you may need a light weight handsaw.

Measuring Things:

  • Yardstick

  • Tape Measure

  • T-Square or Level

Decorating Things:

  • Gold Touch-up Pen

  • Spray paint Black& White

  • Sandpaper

  • Brushes

  • Craft Paint in your decors color scheme

  • Assortment of ribbons, buttons and fringe.

These tools may not all fit in your toolbox, yet are good to have on hand.

  • Hammer

  • Screwdriver - Phillips and Flat Head ( get multiple sizes)

  • C-Clamps

  • Iron & Ironing Board

Take the time in advance to gather your equipment and that next do-it-yourself project will be simpler and faster to accomplish.

Where is that hammer? In your Decorating Tool Box!

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