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Not only should one’s bedroom be a refuge, but it should also be a sanctuary!
A bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It is an escape from our hectic everyday lives. Not only should one’s bedroom be a refuge, but it should also be a sanctuary. Creating such a place isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Although there are...
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Where Did We Get Mirrors From?

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Mirrors add light and depth to any room. Even a small room can be made to look larger through the proper placement of mirrors at key points around the room. Bathroom mirrors and decorative mirrors all add elegance to the rooms in your home. A mirror allows you to see how well you look.

The mirror of the ancient Greeks and Romans was a disk of metal with a highly polished face, sometimes with a design on the back, and usually with a handle. Glass mirrors date from the Middle Ages. They were made in large quantities in Venice from the 16th century, the back being covered with a thin coating of tin mixed with mercury; after 1840 a thin coating of silver was generally substituted. The introduction of plate glass for mirrors (17th cent.) stimulated the use of large stationary mirrors as part of household furniture. Small bits of silvered glass were much used in the East to adorn articles of dress and of decoration.

There are thousands and thousands of mirrors to choose from over the internet. Be sure and choose from only the best mirror representatives who offer quality, elegance, quick delivery to your home and, of course, great prices!

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