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Truck Stop Christmas
This is a true story. It was told to me by a guy I met on a Riverboat. Thatís how I know itís true; who could doubt the veracity of a River Rat? He didnít use any backup singers when he told it to me, but I thought since this is going out on the...
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Getting Older

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Getting Older

These are the views of one person. One and the same person. The only difference is the change of views as the person gets older.

Before I leave school - Old people are smelly and wee the floor at old peoples homes. They are always grumpy and tell you off a lot

Age 21 -35 - Old people are a bloody nuisance. They are so slow and keep getting in the way. These old people stand in the queue at Tesco's and actually count out the pounds and pennies to the exact amount of the shopping bill. They don't carry credit cards and they are too tight to use their mobile phones which are normally cast offs from their kids which are clunky and analogue with a battery life of 3 hours.

Age 35 - 45 I don't mind old people that much. I have started gettting grey hairs and have become worried about my pension in retirement. My kids are nearly grown up now and I wonder what nursing home they will put me in when I get older?

Age 45 - 65 Things are not the same as before. There is no respect for the elderly. Elderly people have to put up with young whipper snappers giving them verbal abuse and there is no common courtesy any longer. The government do not support elderly people properly. Elderly people are not appreciated.

65 - 75 Having retired I am so glad to be out of the rat race. I worry if I will have enough money to live on and whether my children's visits will continue to get less and less frequent. I wonder what happens when my limbs fail to carry me any longer and which nursing home I will end up in before I die. I am most worried about my frailty and crime. I worry about being vulnerable to criminals and I think the world is going in the wrong direction. No one cares about the elderly - except the elderly.

People's views do change the older they get and the closer they get to death. However, perhaps the biggest worry for anyone around the 35-55 year age should be the lack of pension provision they are likely to receive in retirement unless of course they have made other plans. Things are going to get much worse for pensioners - not better!

Anyone younger than 35? Hey, you still have a chance to do something about it...

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