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“I Should Be Doing …. But…”

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“I Should Be Doing …. But…”

What a perfect fall Saturday morning, clear sunny blue sky, with a crisp breeze blowing. It’s just the one I’ve been waiting for to begin that yearly regimen, Fall Clean Up. Throwing on some old work clothes, grabbing a mug of steaming coffee and picking up the list of jobs off the kitchen table, I head outside.

First order of business is to sit on the back step, drink some coffee – helps to get the eyes fully opened – and begin going over the list. It’s not a particularly long list, however, there is the possibility of finishing this mug of wake-up juice, which will then require a trip back to the kitchen for another.

This is a yearly ritual, so I’ve got the routine down pat. The process was started several weeks-ago, by first leaving a pad of paper on the counter – where it was always visible – this way when someone – usually me – thought of a job it could be jotted down. This is going to save time and guarantee everything will get done. Well, it certainly sounds like a good idea.

All right, now that the second mug – yes, it did happen – is almost finished, it’s time to take the annual walk. This means walking around the house and yard – with the list of course – and double-checking that everything is posted.

Oh, are you wondering what’s on this sacred list? Nothing terribly exciting just the following:
1.Clean the outside of windows
2.Gather up all lawn furniture – to be stored in basement
3.Collect garden figures – also to be stored in basement
4.Begin cleaning fallen leaves from garden beds
5.Cut back plants in beds – after leaves have been cleaned out

Getting back to where we left off, things have not progressed very far. I’m slightly off schedule because of a sit down to enjoy “Mother Natures” beautiful display of color. Ok, back to… Oh, wait the mug is empty, just let me get another refill and I’ll be back.

Well, its late afternoon and I’m really behind due to a couple of important phone calls. I’ve been sitting at my desk watching the flurry of activity outside my window. The “Feathered Friends Backyard Diner” is open for business and quite busy. There are also a couple of adorable little squirrels that have been chasing each other up and down a tree.

I should be doing jobs on that list, but it’s getting late, the sun is moving away and the temperature is stating to go down. Maybe I’ll make another pot of coffee, fill up that mug once more and continue to watch the entertainment outside the window. After all, there’s always next Saturday.

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About the Author

About the author: Bonnie P. Carrier is the creator of Savvy Home Decorating. She is the mother to two grown daughters and a very spoiled 4yr old Blue Merle Sheltie named Toby. She has been a homemaker for over 23yrs, with lots of experience at budget decorating and organization. Stop by Savvy Home Decorating for ideas and tips on budget decorating: www.savvy-home-decorating.com


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