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Why It Pays to Out More Humor in the Workplace
1. Humor reduces stress levels and stress is the number one problem confronting employees today. 2. Laughter boosts morale while stress erodes staff morale. It is in the best interest of any business to invest in the happiness of its employees....
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Sahib and His Universal Relations

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1. Sahib is English (The Master)

2. Sahibís Godfather - German (The Anglo-Saxon Connection)

3. Sahibís Friend - American (As they often go out together to drop bombs)

4. Sahibís rival-cum-enemy - French (Whom Sahibís the most jealous with)

5. Sahibís Son - Australian (Who is so similar to Sahib)

6. Sahibís Daughter - New Zealander (Whoís Papaís girl)

7. Sahibís Disciple - South African (Whoís learnt racism from Sahib)

8. Sahibís (often mistreated) Brother - Scottish (Whom Sahibís smartly united with)

9. Sahibís Sister - Canadian (Whoís managed to maintain her relationship with Sahib)

10. Sahibís Wife - Welsh (Whom Sahibís politically married with)

11. Sahibís Girlfriend - Spanish (Whom Sahib flirts with)

12. Sahibís Mistress - Northern Irish (Whom Sahibís claimed as his own for sheer enjoyment)

13. Sahibís Manufacturer - Japanese (Who makes cars for Sahib)

14. Sahibís Guineapig - Iraqi (Whoís a victim of Sahibís research on warfare)

15. Sahibís Spy - Pakistani (Who, of course, spies for Sahib)

16. Sahibís Teacher - Roman (Who taught Sahib how to rule the world)

17. Sahibís Coolie - Indian (Who told Sahib that he is Sahib)

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