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Been in an Accident? Need a Maryland Accident Lawyer?

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Life can change in a blink of an eye. You've been in an accident and now need a personal injury lawyer. But how do you know when to call one? Here's what you should know about hiring a lawyer in Maryland, if you've been in an automobile, motorcycle or liability accident.

Choosing a Maryland accident lawyer is an important decision and with so many personal injury lawyers advertising their services, it can often seem an impossible task. Before you consider hiring an attorney after an accident, you should understand a little about personal injury law. Personal injury law is usually defined as the area of law which seeks to protect the rights of citizens after they have been injured, harmed or hurt due to the negligence of others. In order to claim damages, you must first prove that the other party was at fault. This is where your Maryland accident lawyer will come in.

In the State of Maryland, there are two types of awards for injuries: Negligence, which is often defined by the defendant's inability to prevent an accident from occurring by not preventing it. For example, you own a small business, and there is an ice storm. Your lease requires you to deice the sidewalk before opening the shop, but you fail to do so. A customer, slips and falls outside of the shop and is injured. You could be sued for negligence by the customer, for failing to act, which led to the accident. Likewise, there is intentional wrong, which is often defined by the defendant outright causing the accident.

There are many types of personal injury claims: Slip and fall injury, automobile accident, medical malpractice and job related injury are just a few types of claims.

Choosing a lawyer for any type of accident claim is an important and difficult decision and is one that should not be made lightly.
Dave Hoffman is the founder of Personal Injury Atorneys a website providing information on personal injury law


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