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Award Competitions: Route to a Publicity Bonanza
Inc. magazine is currently in the process of judging sites for its annual small business Web award winners. Since I was a judge last year, I thought I'd offer some observations on how and why to enter your Web site for prestigious awards like this. ...
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Isn't it nice to receive a gift - I mean a true gift where nothing is expected in return?!

Well, if you haven't had a chance to check out the additions to the IFHB Free Resources, don't panic!

Below is a sampling of some of the free resources available. Do yourself a favor and download these e-books today. I promise you - you will learn from these very easy-to-read resources. And the more you learn, the more your home business will flourish!

Download these unbelievable tools now (I really can't get over the fact that they're free!) and start reading. Before you know it, your home business will exceed your own dreams and expectations!

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The author, Dawn Roberts, is the creator of www.Ideas-For-Home-Businesses.com - your complete home business resource. IFHB will help you from the planning stage, straight through to marketing your ideas for home businesses! Learn how you can start, maintain and propel a phenomenally successful home based business!


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Making the Most from Free Online Survey Taking

Give Away Something for Free!
Whether you operate your online business selling your own products or re-selling other peoplesí products through affiliate programs, you need to give away something for free. Like it or not, people online virtually expect to receive something for...
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How not to Sell ebooks on Ebay
Over the New Year I spent over £15 on ebay and bought over 25,000 ebooks. Surprised? Donít be. We did it on purpose. Most of these ebook packages are a complete waste of space and I mean that with conviction Ė they will sit on your hard drive, never...
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Taiwanese Free Gifts
My House in Taiwan is filled from the top to bottom with free gifts. I am tripping over them on the floor, cursing them when they fall out of cupboards and stuffing them into cupboards when and where I can find a space. Free Gifts are becoming...
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Do You Text Chat (IM) Online?
By Dee Scrip © All rights reserved. IM (Instant Messaging) - man, we thought we had it made in the shade when we stumbled over this unique way to communicate! Outside of talking person-to-person on the phone, IM was the next best thing. Texting...
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Ten Motivational Triggers That Make People Buy
1. People want to make more money. They may want to start their own business, get a higher paying job or invest in the stock market. This will make them feel successful. 2. People want to save money. They may want to invest for the future or save...
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