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General. The word ‘meditation' is by now fairly well known though it conveys different meanings to different people. A dictionary definition1 shows that the word is derived from the Latin (meditate-meditari), meaning ‘to survey, observe,...
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Get Paid to Complete Offers and Shop

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I think everyone knows about PTRE (Paid To Read Email) opportunities today.

For those who don't know how PTRE companies work here's a short explanation:

1. You sign up with a PTRE company, e.g. http://www.wowearnings.com (plus you usually receive a free sign-up bonus).
2. Advertisers send you emails according to your selected interests. If you click on paid links you get paid about $0.01 - $0.10.
3. You can also refer your friends and make referral commissions when they read paid emails from the PTRE company.
4. You get paid when you reach PTRE company's payout minimum.

The problem is with PTRE sites you are paid only $0.01 - $0.10 for each email, and it could take years for you to reach the payout minimum,
unless you refer hundreds of your friends and earn good referral commissions.

If you would like to earn cash fast I highly recommend to join companies that pay you to complete offers and shop.

You can earn several hundred dollars, reach your payout minimum and request your payment the same day with these companies.

No kidding!

These companies have all kinds of products and services (offers) from their advertisers - books, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, health products etc.
When you sign up for any of their offers you get paid not $0.01 - $0.10 like it is with paid email, but you can earn up to $30 for completing a single offer!

Note that usually only a few of the offers are free. Majority of their offers are trial and a credit card might be required to complete them.

And from the companies that pay you for shopping, you earn cash back for any purchase made at their stores directories.

The problem is the offers and shops are available to the US members only. However, wowearnings.com has offers section for international members too.

Bottom line? If you think of earning some extra free cash online, drop your paid email or survey companies and join get paid to complete offers sites like wowearnings.com or cash4offers.com.
You will earn much more cash quickly, and if you have a web site and can promote and refer, this might even be a good affiliate program for you.

Good luck!

About the Author

Gerardas Norkus is the owner of rewards programs:
Want Cool Offers And Free Cash?
ACT NOW and request your payment TODAY.


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