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Best Adult Awards A Hit
Best Adult Awards A Hit (Quebec) September 6, 2004 – It was a flurry of traded business cards and appointments, shaken hands, expert seminars, and snapped photos and g-strings. It was an adult tradeshow. It was the first Qwebec Expo. But the heart...
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How can you afford NOT to hire a Professional Organizer?

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Want more free time to travel? Less stress? More money.

We can do this together!

What could be worse than waking up in the morning, knowing you still have a mess on your desk at work?
What a way to start the day! Stressing before you eat breakfast. Agonizing the ride to work as you wonder where the charts are, the boss wants on his desk by noon.
Do you really want to continue your life like this? Being disorganized causes stress, an added stress we do not need.
Hiring a Professional Organizer could be the best move you've ever made. Would saving money cause stress? Having free time cause stress? Or, time to get caught up on work & home projects cause stress? How about that weekend trip you haven't had time for? Stress? I don't think so!
We are a profession which can bring a smile to your face.
How about on the home front? Know where last months bills are? Did you pay all of them? Was that a late notice you saw as you skimmed through the mail. By the way, how high is that pile these days?
Filed all your medical bills with your insurance company? You mean they have your money & are drawing interest on it? Not good.
I bet you've read some of those 'Organizing' books. Have you had time to implement all the good ideas you read? OK, how about a few of them? Your life could run so much smoother.
To what extent are your parents organized? Are they still in the same house they've been in for many years? Are they organized? Maybe someone could help them? No, no, I bet that's on your list of things to do.
Kids are grown and gone but you still have their what??? Maybe a few trips to a charitable organization? A yard sale?
Imagine your closet organized?? By color? By style? By season?
Can you conceive the mail, bills etc., organized? Simple files where you can find everything & anything when you need it? That was such a good idea when you read it in that book, I know.
Do you still have friends over to visit? Has 'it' taken control of your life?
'It' can be worked on, giving you piece of mind, less stress, more time and just overall make you feel better!
Let's CHANGE your life!
The purpose of our business is to
serve the needs of our clients.

About the Author

I have been working in the Organizing, time management field for approx. 30 years.
I absolutely love what I do. When I can make someone smile, I've done my job!


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