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How To Hire A Moving Company
Moving can be a stressful time especially if you are moving to another state. One of the most challenging aspects of moving can be choosing a moving company. Since most of us donít move very often we have little experience in this area. The...
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The Cost of FREE is Not FREE

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Everyone on the Internet has something to give you for FREE!
But in truth, the cost is not really FREE.

My ezine goes out to my subscribers for FREE, but I want
them to pay for it by telling others about it, helping me
get new subscribers, placing their ads with me, and
generally helping me develop a business that will support my
husband and myself.

All the FREE affiliate programs that are on the market, some
of which are good and some not so good, do require payment.
You have to market these programs, spending hours sometimes
on the web sending out announcements and ads.

There are probably thousands of FREE ebooks available to
people who want them. FREE? No. You have to download them,
either to your computer or a disk. Some are gifts for buying
other products. They cost something.

FREE articles for content are certainly not FREE. Someone
had to spend time researching, writing, and distributing
those articles.

These items may be FREE to you, but somewhere, someone had
to pay something for them - whether money, time, energy, or
thought - they were paid for by someone!

How much you do really appreciate something FREE? Do you
take care of it as well as something you had to buy? Do you
value that FREE item as much as the item that cost you a
distinct price? Are you willing to share that FREE gift? Do
you show your thanks for that FREE ebook by reading it and
using it? Do you delete that FREE ezine without looking
through all of it?

FREE is great! I personally love anything FREE, but I have
learned that somewhere that FREE item cost someone
something. It could have been me, so I want to appreciate it
and take care of it. If I download a FREE ebook, I read it.
I personally subscribe to a LOT of ezines, but I honestly do
try to read through them all.

We live in the land of the FREE, but many have paid a high
price to keep it that way. Enjoy the FREE things you get
every day. Remember to send a short thank you for them if
possible. Enjoy them! Use them! Share them! FREE is FUN!

About the Author

Patricia Deere Ring is a freelance writer, craft entrepreneur,
and business owner who lives in Tarkington Prairie, Texas with
her retired husband. She can be reached by email at
mailto:pring@contentbuilders.com or on her web site at


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