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Choosing A Countertop That Is Right For You
Choosing a kitchen counter material can be an overwhelming task in the midst of a huge kitchen makeover. Before you select a material, try to decide what look you are going for. Scour magazines and take a trip to your local home improvement center...
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"Top 7 Tips to Help You Easily Save 15%-27% of Your Gas Starting Now!"

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Every year millions of gallons of gas and hours of time are unnecessarily lost forever. These 7 tips will help you save on all of it... Gas, Time and Money... Starting today!

1) Look ahead, read traffic properly.
(Special Report on Reading Traffic is available at www.rushhourrelief.com) --How will this help you save gas? By allowing you to better perform the following tips.
2) Don't ride brakes when not needed.
(Re-accelerating is where we burn 83% of our gas.)
3) Get a good rolling start before you accelerate, in order to build momentum.
4) Don't over accelerate but make sure to accelerate enough the first time.
(Re-accelerating is where we burn 83% of our gas.)
5) Don't over decelerate.
(Re-accelerating is where we burn 83% of our gas.)
6) Change lanes properly to prevent slowing.
(Re-accelerating is where we burn 83% of our gas.)
7) Use gravity (to help gain momentum) when going down hill

...There's more FREE Tips at www.RushHourRelief.com/FreeTips.html
(Current list size = 12 Tips)

You can easily save tons of gas with these 7 simple tips.

Alex Hunter has authored the 144 pg 'The Power of Driving; How To Prevent 41,000+ Americans From Dying Every Year!' as well as several Special Reports and Tip Sheets on many driving interests. Some of which include Traffic Congestion, Reading Traffic, Road Rage, Snow Driving, Saving Gas, Time & Money, Cell Phones and Driving, Fear of Driving and Cruise Control to name a few.

Hunter is currently taking requests for 'Eliminate Your Fear of Driving In One Day, Guaranteed' and 'How To Increase Your Employees Happiness, Creativity and Productivity for Life With Simple Techniques That Eliminate Stress and Save Gas, Time and Money!' Send inquires to Hunter@rushhourrelief.com
Visit www.RushHourRelief.com for further information.

About the Author

Author and Founder of www.RushHourRelief.com
Dedicated to helping others save gas, time and money, increasing safety, confidence, freedom and control all while eliminating stress, frustration, road rage, congestion, accidents and fatalities.


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