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How To Get Paid Instantly Via Stormpay?
E-currency is very popular on the internet today. People use such electronic money as Stormpay, E-gold, Paypal, Moneybookers and so on... It helps us to pay for online products and services, it also saves our time. The problem is -- how to get...
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Writing Articles for Free and or Paid + Websites to Submit your Writing

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When starting out in the article writing business many feel one sided. Some say that writing for free will gain you great publicity while others prefer only to be paid for their articles. But if you're just starting out you may be confused as to which way is the best or perhaps doing both would benefit you.

Free Article Writing-
If you write free articles and submit them to free article directories you have a good
chance of them being picked up and published on several websites. If you include your
website address in the "About the Author" section this could bring you a good amount of
hits, but not always. You may start getting requests from newsletter and e-zines editors
that want to make sure they can use your article. This could lead to great exposure for
your work. Below is a list of places you can list your free article for others to use.
Webmasters, Editors, etc...using your work cannot change your article in any shape or form but by submitting to these websites, you allow others to publish your work on their website. You may be published on a website that you don't like, many haven't had this be a problem but there's a chance.

Paid Article Writing-
For some this is a full time job and for others a little extra earned money on the side. Some look at those who have been paid for their work as officially published writers. It adds prestige to their writing. Some websites offer places where you can submit your writing and they market it. Please keep in mind that when doing this, you most likely are giving up your copyrights to your work. Whomever publishes it gets to keep that. Sometimes you have to sign a contract agreeing that your work may be used in any or all forms of publicity. Be careful when writing for pay because you may end up doing hours of work for a crummy amount of pay. Getting paid for your article may be harder since you may decide to write for a certain magazine and must follow their guidelines. Not to mention if your article is close to one they've recently published, the chances are they won't publish your work. Below are places for free and paid article writing submission websites.

Free Article Websites

Paid Article Websites
Freelancewriting.com (under jobs section)

Website submission links may change after this article is published.I don't endorse in any shape or form the websites above. Good luck!

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