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Award Competitions: Route to a Publicity Bonanza
Inc. magazine is currently in the process of judging sites for its annual small business Web award winners. Since I was a judge last year, I thought I'd offer some observations on how and why to enter your Web site for prestigious awards like this. ...
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Yes YOU Too Can Learn How To Earn Quality Rewards With Ease!

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More than 3 years ago I discovered reward programs.
Knowing nothing about how they worked, I joined my first
program MyPoints.com (http://www.mypoints.com Please
use referral ID Starica if you sign up.) After signing up and
receiving my welcome emails, I was hooked. This company
was going to reward me with gift certificates just for visiting
websites, taking surveys and trying products? No way!
I was still a skeptic but thought I have nothing to lose. It
didn?t cost me a penny to join. After 4 months of visiting
websites and taking surveys, I was able to cash in my points
for gift certificates. Not just one but two Wal-Mart $25.00
gift certificates. It took 2 weeks for them to arrive. I was
very excited to receive my first reward. That was the day
I sat down at my computer and searched for more reward
programs. There were hundreds! I joined one after the
other. I made time each day to visit each site to see what
points or credits I can earn. Many programs I signed up for,
either folded or just didn?t pay. I decided to keep track of
those that did pay and those that didn?t. With that came the
birth of Rewardsplusmore.com.

Rewardsplusmore.com also publishes an ezine. When you
subscribe, your first reward will be a Free Report ?66 Ways
to Save Money!? Your subscription to our free ezine,
rewardsplusmore.com, provides you with tips as to how
to get the most out of even the most prized, reward
programs. Newly released programs will also be
promptly announced. Full details can be found at

The top 5 programs that I recommend are
*MyPoints.com- http://www.mypoints.com
Referral ID Starica
Referral ID zara4ever@cs.com
*PCHPoints- http://www.pchpoints.com/?ReferralEmail=zara4ever@cs.com
Referral ID zara4ever@cs.com
*Epoll- http://www.epoll.com
Referral ID Starica
*HTMail- http://www.htmail.com/cgi-bin/htmail/join.pl?zara4ever@cs.com
Referral ID zara4ever@cs.com

Lastly, before you make another online purchase, stop by
any of the reward programs I list. Many of them reward
you for making purchases through their site. For instance
if you make purchases online, visit the reward sites to see
if the store you are looking for is listed. If so, make the
purchase through their site and get those rewards you deserve!

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Zara writes about the Nitty-Gritty - Nuts + Bolts,
TINY things, that make your CASH, Go further.
Business + Personal, Zara's specialty is
saving cash, true value and living better!
Visit Zara today: http://www.rewardsplusmore.com
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the resource box in tact.


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