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Easy Bathroom Curtains
I’ve always had a hard time decorating my bathrooms. You want them to look more “cute” instead of fancy, after all, it is a bathroom not a bedroom! I wanted to have some type of window treatment over the windows, but the ones I usually picked out...
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selling your car for FREE

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People are finding out that there is an other site than ebay to sell there car or motor .
It is www.52marketplace.com
If you place your car on www.52marketplace.com you can state a fixed price or you can give a starting price to start the bidding. Unlike ebay the auction has no timeframe so you decide when to end the auction. Sniper software will also not work on www.52marketplace.com so you don't have to wait until the last 5 minutes to see the bids. Also a nice thing is that if someone has placed a bid higher than the highest bid the person that has been outbid will receive an e-mail with a notice that his bid is no longer the highest bid and that he can place a new bid. Now thats how it should be! Interactive bidding.
Furthermore it is possible to place your ad on top of the list again.What is the advantage?
Iff people are searching for a specific type of car your ad is shown on top of the list and that is where you want to be. Maximum result, maximum exposure. You can place the ad on top of the list as often as you like.
At this time you can place your ads for FREE.
Try it and tell your friends. This is a new concept of selling and it is getting more popular.

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herbal medicine for DIABETES
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