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An expert opinion about government by Kurt St. Angelo @2005 Libertarian Writers' Bureau When we have a plumbing problem, we call a plumber. When we have a problem with our government, we call someone who studied government. Right? I majored in...
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AIDS - Black ops work

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I have heard that Japan once thought the AIDS virus was developed as a miliatary weapon by the US. West Nile almost took the life of my sister-in-law and Horowitz says it is the same weaponization program at work.

The following quote is something that came to me from a fellow researcher who lives near Rosslyn Castle in Scotland. She is a nurse and there are many other things like this I could quote. In fact I had sent her a piece from another researcher with even more detail on similar things. I include it here because Gardner is allied with these Sinclairs of Rosslyn and the St. Clair that figures heavily in this quote. I guess I will understand if you regard it as entirely too far fetched but I know it is not. In 1985 I was a partner with John Campbell in Indianapolis. He was a top researcher on AIDS and he said it came from the green monkey in Africa.

“In 1969 the US military asked for 10 million dollars from Congress to further its cancer studies by developing:

‘A new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organism. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease’.

Quoted from the Dept. of Defense Appropriations Hearings, 91st Congress, July 1, 1969, Washington DC regarding the Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP).

The HIV virus, a mutation of the monkey leukemia virus SIV, could not be a better fulfillment of this brief. Following DNA tests, leading AIDS scientist Dr. David Ho placed the common genetic ancestor of the modern AIDS viruses somewhere around "the 1940's or early 50's" - the exact time that Mengele and his Nazi backers, then the CIA and its numerous military contractors were conducting their genetic engineering research. However, the transference of SIV to man would not have required any great leap in technology, as recent fears of new diseases from organ transplantation testifies. Not surprisingly, Israeli scientists led by Dr. Alexander Kalinkovich at the International AIDS Conference 2000 in South Africa announced that their latest research shows that HIV may be race-specific to black Africans.

It is accepted that HIV/AIDS was initially spread in Africa by Roman Catholic missionary hospitals and their re-use of "dirty needles". These hospitals regularly get donations of medical supplies/vaccines directly from the Roman Catholic order of the Knights of Malta, via its members within the pharmaceutical industry. Since the 1970's Knights of Malta-supported aid organizations such as AmeriCares or Knightsbridge International have provided medical supplies to needy countries including South Africa, Haiti, and Cambodia - countries which are now hardest hit by HIV/AIDS.

When historians/journalists Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln were investigating their book "The Messianic Legacy" about the political links between secret societies, the Vatican and intelligence agencies, they based much of their study upon the Catholic secret society "The Priory of Sion". From 1963 to 1981 the Grand Master of Sion was a Catholic abbot, Francois Ducand-Bourget, who prior to this appointment was the Magistral Chaplain of the Knights of Malta. Michael Baigent's contact within Sion was its new Grand Master Pierre Plantard de St. Clair, of the Sinclair "Grail family" of Roslin, Edinburgh, which coincidentally is the global center of genetic engineering. Starting in 1982 Plantard indicated that 1984 was to be a critical year in the plans of Sion. In 1984 he said ‘everything was in place, nothing could stop it now, the time had come to move on, and nothing could now stop it’. When asked was the present Pope a potential ally or adversary in whatever schemes were afoot, Plantard replied ‘a rapprochement had been reached with the Vatican. Rome would cooperate. Certain concessions had been necessary in return, but they were essentially nominal’.

Nothing unusual occurred in 1984, apart from in April when the discovery of the HIV virus that causes AIDS was announced to the world.

Also at this time Plantard de St. Clair suddenly announced his resignation from Sion, not only as its Grand Master but from the order itself, after 41 years a member. He did so because he could not approve "certain maneuvers" performed by his "English and American brethren". The Priory of Sion is a secret order of the European Holy Grail bloodline families, and authors of the infamous "Protocol of the Elders of Sion" that was directly responsible for inciting anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. Its members include prominent figures of the Knights of Malta, and neo-Nazi organizations with links to South Africa's apartheid regime. Africa is of prime importance to Sion's members - a 1959 article written by Plantard de St. Clair in Sion's internally circulated publication "Circuit", stresses the need for a solution to the African independence movement, and proposes a ‘United States of Euro-Africa... this being the sole stable foundation on which peace can be constructed’. Obviously his elite brethren didn't agree, as recent documentation proves Knight of Malta/CIA chief Allen Dulles ordered the assassination of the Congo's first democratically elected President. The Anglo-American contingent, the Knights Templar/Dragon Court and the Knights of Malta/CIA within the Order of Sion, swiftly deposed Plantard de St. Clair when they found out about his loose-tongued meetings with journalists Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln at such a crucial time in their covert endeavors.

Taking into account all these facts, our fictional policeman might ask himself what the motive for such devilry could be. He would soon discover it was the same motive that the "Secret Church" and the orthodox Roman Catholic Church have always pursued.

According to the white supremacist dogma of the Rosicrucian "Secret Church", the "Negro and other sub-races" must die and be reincarnated to allow for the evolution of Man's consciousness.

Rosicrucian beliefs date back to ancient Egypt, and ironically its influence can be seen in the much criticized statement by Israel's ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who recently said ‘the Holocaust victims were reincarnations of the souls of sinners... they had to be reincarnated in order to atone’.

Initiated Rosicrucian Adolf Hitler said ‘The greatest and most ruthless decisions will have to be made. A barbaric measure for the unfortunate who is struck by it, but a blessing for his fellow man and posterity, the passing pain of a century can and will clearly redeem millenniums from sufferings’. Though talking about the Jewish Holocaust, Hitler could well have been speaking of the African AIDS Holocaust. During the late 70's and early 80's the Vatican announced various warnings attributed to the "Virgin Mary" from a variety of sources. She constantly repeated that a ‘Great Warning would come from God that would be good for some, and bad for others’. Perhaps the Virgin Mary and Adolf Hitler had the same speechwriters, so similar is their outlook. For how could the suffering endured by anybody be good for others?

Like the deceptive use of the Protocols of the Elders of Sion that Hitler used to "prove" a fictitious "Jewish conspiracy", {But who is a Jew if not the Milesians or Stuart/Sinclairs?} the majority of the scientific community, while ignoring their own obvious culpability, is similarly blaming the victims of AIDS in Africa for having created the disease through their irresponsible behavior i.e. ‘eating or having sex with a monkey’. As Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf ‘If you tell a lie long enough, eventually it will be believed as truth... and the greater the lie, the more people will believe it’.

As regards the orthodox Roman Catholic Church, it is merely continuing its policy of genocide against Shamanism and the indigenous peoples of the world, as the history of Christianity & Racism clearly demonstrates.

Ultimately, the AIDS epidemic in Africa and throughout the developing world prevents these nations from achieving economic stability. This would have given them the power to control their own natural resources, and ultimately have affected the wealth and power of the Western corporate-aristocratic-military-industrial complex.

The Pentagon's retired Joint Chiefs of Staff Colonel Jack Kingston, currently Chairman of the National Security Advisory Board in Washington DC intends to take the AIDS issue before a Congressional Hearing.

He recently said ‘In my estimation, AIDS is a covert operation run amok that is bigger than any secret operation in U.S. history. It is more momentous in its implications to humanity than the atomic weapons Manhattan Project of World War II’.

Any experienced detective will tell you, a killer always leaves a trail of incriminating evidence, and Man's history is not so dissimilar. In the context of everyday life, the sordid thoughts and actions of a murderer are difficult to grasp and seem unbelievable. As individuals we are unlikely to consider the causes and effects of such malevolence, unless through fate it touches our own lives. Similarly, the demonic manifestations of History are rarely faced until it becomes unavoidable. While the suggestions of a calculated genocide seem fantastic, a brief glance at perhaps the worst century in Man's history shows this crime to be only another murderous act by the same historical predators.

It is perhaps, if we have the courage to look it squarely in the face, only equal to the unbelievable facts of recent European slaughter - the shipment of men, women and children in railway carriages, to over five hundred purpose-built camps, where they were put into shower rooms, and gassed with Zyklon B. Their bodies were placed into purpose-built ovens where the evidence of their existence was destroyed - why? Because they were Jews. If somebody had knocked upon your door pointing to the train and telling you this bizarre story, it would it have been easier to believe they were lying, than to try and stop the train.

The only hope is the fact that our fictional policeman can use the law of a democratic and free country, and stand before elected political representatives in the ancient struggle against feudalism and evil.

They may find that like a puzzling murder mystery, several hands were clutching the dagger.

As the medieval prophet Michel de Nostradamus is often used by secret society occultists as a reference to interpreting global political events, it may not be completely inappropriate to quote from this French mystic's visions of the future:

‘O vast Rome, your ruin draws near, not that of your walls, but of your lifeblood and substance, the harsh one of letters will make so horrid a notch, pointed steel all wounding up of the sleeve’. C10 Q65

‘Not from Spain but from ancient France, will be elected for the trembling ship, he will make a promise to the enemy, who will cause great plague during his reign’. C5 Q49”

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