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Selecting the best candidate for the job!
What happened to the days when you voted for candidates because of their “abilities”, and not because of their party affiliation, or the popularity they enjoy as a result of expensive media exposure? Have you ever noticed that most Government...
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Amendment One Vote NO

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We’ve heard the made up speeches “we’ll Stop Nafta,Create Jobs, Cut Taxes, Balance the Budget,
Reduce Drug Costs, cut insurance costs, fix Social Security and Work for the Taxpayers"! Yeah, right!
What they fail to tell you is all the monies taken from American and, yes, Foreign Companies and that
they won’t be ‘permitted’ to do anything for Taxpayers. Folks, we are talking about big money!
Check following websites. You’ll see that until Taxpayers demand that Politicians and elected people
quit taking monies to support their Pet Projects, Conventions, and all their "freebies", from
Insurance,Pharmecutical Companies and the supporters of their projects,your taxes, medicines,
insurance premiums, and cost of living, will keep on increasing and your chances of having a future is
looking dimmer by the minute. Speaking of the "Proverty Level"?
Taxpayers need to take a stand and put an end to this Tax and Spend.It is now a proven fact that
Politicians and Elected people cannot be trusted to make decisions that affect America!
Now along comes ‘Amendment One’ (another enormous tax burden for Taxpayers, their children and
grandchildren that can never be paid for). I personally printed and read all 26 pages of this Bill.
Speaking of Pen Robbers! Taxpayers should most definitely Vote NO! This Bill is being supported by
all Cities and Towns! Know why, it’s so they can steal more money from Taxpayers. This is their way
of “Opening Your Doors” without a key! Think about it, Folks.

Shirley deLong
Jamestown, NC

About the Author

Shirley deLong, Jamestown, NC Activist and environmentlist.
See: http://shirleydelongartist.com


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