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Checking Our Foundation
Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. Jeremiah 6:16 Know What You Believe When we...
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Bearing fruit in 2005

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God has called each one of us to bear fruit. Fruit is very specific in that it tastes best at the right time. If you eat fruit like grapes to early, it will be sour and hard, eat it to late and it is overripe and terrible.

So bearing fruit at the right time in the spiritual realm is important. We must be able to discern the times and know what the Holy Spirit is saying for now.

Seasons come and go over every nation, city, church, business and individual. It is your responsibility to know what is the time on the spiritual clock of Jesus for a specific time.

Today we will look at Joseph and see how he could discern the times and influence nations.

People hated Joseph and often did him in for instance his brothers, Pothifar’s wife, and the butler.
God viewed him differently.
Genesis 39

vers 2: The Lord was with Joseph and he was a successful man. ( Even though he was a slave)
All he did prospered in his hand.
vers 5: The Lord blessed the Egyptians house because Joseph was in it.
vers 21: The Lord was with Joseph and showed him mercy. (Even though he was in prison)
vers 23: whatever he did, the Lord made it prosper.
This super natural blessing combined with the hard work Col. 3:22-25 and patience that Joseph had resulted in him being blessed at all times.
He resisted temptation many times. Jas. 4:7; 2 Tim 2:22
He maintained his supernatural blessing it did not matter where he was, in prison, as a slave or wherever.

He could really discern the times.. 1 Cor 4:1-2, Math 16:3.
It resulted in blessing for those surrounding him Do we have the same result on our places of work?

Genesis 41
Pharaoh the evil Egyptian king understood that his dreams has spiritual meaning and insisted on a revelation he understood that this was a critical time in the history of Egypt. So we if we are in positions of authority should be in tune.

Joseph was able to interpret what was happening in the spiritual realm. Due to the obedience of the pharaoh it resulted in blessing for Egypt. God wants to bless nations He wants to create an opportunity for his servants to be blessed even if they are in prison. Egypt was blessed but Joseph was mightily blessed. Joseph always gave God the glory.(verse16 and 28)

I believe we are in a very specific time in our city. We need to be more in tune with God than ever before to experience the maximum of this time in God. Our ancestors will look back at this time and as a city we will give answer to them and to God about what we did with this time.

Our city has been blessed by much growth in the last couple of years. We have prayed for transformation and are seeing it happen right before our eyes. We as a city could miss the opportunities that are coming our way.
You might think, “well I am not a city councilor or a manager of a major company” all I can say was neither was Joseph. People of EastCoast have some backbone, trust God for a super natural blessing of wisdom and discernment.

In your place of work or in this city God wants to bless you with the “fruit in season”. This will have a profound effect on yourself and many around you. Enjoy the sweet grapes of blessing, by hearing what the Spirit is saying.

About the Author

Pastor Hannes is the senior pastor for Eastcoast Christian Centre, a Church in Port Elizabeth. Feel free to redistribute this article, but please include this About section with an active link to our website.


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