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The Rapture
Here is the 50 million dollar question - will there be a Rapture of God’s saints before the Tribulation, or will all of God’s people living at that time have to go through the Tribulation and possibly be martyred for their faith? I’m going to go...
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Fall of a Nation

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Fall of a Nation by Anthony Smith

Jeremiah 51:6-51:18

The Fall of a Nation, Babylon is Fallen. Is the United States , Spiritual Babylon ? Jer.51:6-18. I read an artical the other day, concerning the vast wealth of America and the massive influence that she has over the rest of the world. Most banking systems are located in New York City, Gold ,Silver, Diamonds and all manner of costly stones and commerce is located here. International travel is centered here and the major religions around the world look at her. Most commentators look at the Kingdom of the Chaldes as Babylon, which is probably correct, but we are looking at spiritual Babylon. Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China all combined together, constitute a spiritual and physical Babylon, because of the vast wealth and resources they poses. In my opinion these will in time constitute a great threat to Israel and her soventry and safety. Russia will try to exploit Israel as she prospers, and according to prophecy, Israel will bloom. China will, collaborate with Syria and the rest of the nations, under the leadership of the anti-christ, to destroy Israel, at the battle of Armageddon. The question here is, America, spiritual Babylon. In the past 60 years, America has become the center of commerce, and religion. She has been dubbed, the Golden one of all nations, for wealth power and knowledge. Knowledge has been increased, we can even clone animals, probably even people. All Nations are jealous of her and have become drunk on her way of life. You’ve herd other nations talk about the western influence, on clothes, movies, music, food, and freedom, their talking about the things that America offers the world. The United States Supreme Court in 1865 , stated that this Nation was “CHRISTIAN” and owed everything to its creator. What has happened sense to change such a dramatic statement? Have we forgotten our Creator, have we forgotten all that He has done for us? Lets look at some scripture, then you can decide for yourself. Jer. 51:6-18, “BABYLON HATH BEEN A GOLDEN CUP IN THE lORDS HAND,that made all the earth drunken;the nations have drunk of her wine;therefore the nations are mad. ,.....WE would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed; forsake her and let us go everyone into his own country....for His device is against Babylon to destroy it...” This is a nation of power, a nation of influence, a nation of back-sliders, a nation that has turned against God, and is standing alone in the world as the only super power. All nations are turning against America and she now is alone to face the judgment of God. Babylon the great harlot, that has made the nations of the world drunken with her power and influence and abundance is becoming a nation of indifference, her power is failing, she cannot defend her own boarders, her wealth is dwindelling and her influence has fallen. False religions are created everywhere , marring and giving in marriage, man with man, woman with woman, and no end in sight. Is America the spiritual Babylon?, or is there another with the same power that she holds, the influence. The world has for some time now looked at Babylon the city of Iraq, for answers. Yes Sadam Husain was rebuilding it, but that was the physical Babylon and the scripture is speaking of Babylon the great whore.Is Rome Babylon? Unlikely, Tiberius of Rome in the days after Christ was crucified, stated that Rome was the center of all hypocrisy, lust, greed and whoredom.So where does that leave us, America. Jeremiah stated that God would have healed Babylon but she was not willing. Could I be wrong, maby, but here we have a chance to look into our selves to evaluate our faith and trust in God. A chance to look into the past to search out the future. I have noticed that sometimes ,when confronted with the truth or a different interpretation, many scholars resist and deneigh the interpretation. But we must start look at the scripture a little closer to seek out the truth, while we still can. Why is this so important for the church to discuss ? Because all these things are tied into the coming rapture of the church, Jesus said, “when you see all these things come to pass, know that the end is near, even at the door.” I believe not only are we near the door but Christ may even have His hand on the door upon the walls of Babylon{guards at air ports, train stations, power plants,coast guard, F.B.I., C.I.A.}, make the watch strong,{National alert system}, set up the watch men, prepair the ambushers, {9-11}, for the Lord hath both devised and done that which he spake knob. Last of all lets look at Jer. 51:12, “ Set the standard against the inhabitants of Babylon” I wanted to give you something to think about, to awaken the Bride of Christ, do not sleep, as those that sleep, but awaken unto rightiouness.Be sober and not drunken, for a time is coming, for a , fall of a nation.

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