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1 Thessalonians 5.17: "Pray without ceasing." Over the past 18 plus years, this scripture verse has been my motto. Daniel prayed three times a day. David prayed, Moses prayed, Paul prayed, and many other heroes of faith recognized the importance...
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Perception of Freedom

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Sometimes we're already free but we don't realize it. We don't believe it or act like it…

There's a story I've read where an eagle got trapped in a chicken cage as an egg. He grew up there with the chickens.

He didn't think that he could fly because all of those around him told him that none of them could fly -including him. He believed them.

This eagle grew up thinking that he was a chicken. When he saw an eagle fly overhead he watched longingly. He had the urge to fly but never tried it because of what he believed.

Do you feel the urge to fly in Christ Jesus. The urge to do more of what Jesus said you could do. To do more than anyone on this planet thought you could -including you.?

You're not the only one. God told us in Ephesians 3:20 that He is able to give us above what we ask for -or even think of.

More promises are given to us in John 14:12 as Jesus said that when we believe on Him and what He did, we would also do those things! Then He went on to tell us that greater things than these would we do because He went to His Father!

That's a lot! Far more than the chickens said that we could do!

Who We Really Are
God's word was given to us in the Bible to show us who we really are. It's not just a list of does and don'ts. Through Jesus we can become children of God Almighty.

Once we're born again we are transferred to the kingdom of God. This means that we are heirs to what God has made available to us!

Think about it… In this world if we find out that we are heirs to a lot we generally go to get it!

God said this to us and His enemy has told a lot of lies to keep us from getting what's ours! -That's enough to tick God's kids off!

So you can avoid living like a chicken! Remember, they walk around being afraid, never go flying, and believe that what they see is all they get.

Fly in Jesus!
Believe that God frees you through Jesus! Learn who you really are through God's Word… It will change your beliefs and make them your reality!

Change your perception and fly free!

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-Michelle Jacobson


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