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The merits of rowing machines
One of the fastest growing sports around is indoor rowing. Whether its for competitive reasons or fitness reasons or both, the advantages of indoor rowing are clear. You are indoors. You probably haven’t had to travel more than a few yards from one...
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A Guide to Discount Pool Tables

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Discount pool tables are commonly available. Check your local classified listings for liquidation closeout sales, auctions for seized items from bankrupted businesses, and so on. There you might be able to nab a brand new pool table for a fraction of its book value.

Discount pool tables are discounted for a number of reasons. Sometimes a model will no longer be manufactured; sometimes a table will be overstocked because it is an unpopular style, or a dealer may bee trying to make money faster by slashing prices. You can buy these discounted tables from manufacturers or from third-party detailers.

Another great place to buy discount pool tables is www.overstock.com. Go to that website and enter “pool tables” into the search field. Browse through the options. The “new” prices will appear crossed out, and below that, the offering price will appear. Sometimes this lower price will be half as much as the higher price. Shipping prices can be as little as a few dollars. For example, you can buy a solid ash 8-footer by BCA, featuring a mahogany finish, 3-piece slate bed, and ability to be taken apart and stored. The new price on this model is about five grand. The overstock price is about two grand: a $3000 savings, or 60% off the regular price. Shipping is a ridiculously low $2.95.

No matter where you buy your cheap pool table, first decide what you are looking for. What size do you need: 7, 8, or 9 feet? It depends on how much space you have. Do you want the table to come in one solid piece (sturdier), or in multiple pieces (easier storage)? What kind of look are you going for: wood, vinyl, metal?

One last thing word of advice: always ask what the warranty entails. Just because it is less expensive than full price, that doesn’t mean you should go throwing away hundreds or thousands of dollars on a cheap table.
Pool Tables Info provides detailed information about new, used, and discount pool tables for sale, including outdoor pool tables, as well as pool table lights and other accessories. Pool Tables Info is the sister site of Poker Chips Web.


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